In addition to our outstanding spas, we make high-quality hot tub accessories that make your HotSpring® experience even more enjoyable.

Cover Lifters systems

The cover lifters make removing and replacing the spa cover easy.

This patented cover lifters make removing and replacing the spa cover easy. By eliminating the need to drag the cover on and off the spa, and keeping it from ever touching the ground, this lifters can help extend the life of your cover. There are four HotSpring cover lifters available to meet your needs..

Foldaway® First fully automated spa cover lift system

Foldaway is the world’s first fully automated lift system for stardard thermo covers. The patented system moves the cover out of sight and provides a 360° panorama. This means that you can simply enjoy your spa with the press of a button.
The lift mechanism operates quietly and maintenance free. With very low energy consumption and intelligent features it is a perfect add-on for your spa. foldaway will uncover your spa within seconds and bring the cover into it´s hidden parking position.
The design and used materials are highest standard. For the ultimate comfort an optional remote control is available. foldaway will open the door to an unforgettable spa experience – from now on everyday.


Let the CoverCradle cover lifter do the heavy lifting for you! For the ultimate in ease, this robust cover lifter offers an ultra-smooth gliding mechanism and the support of dual 40 lb. pneumatic springs to support a cover of any size. Requires 24” clearance.

CoverCradle® II

The CoverCradle II is a lighter duty version of the original CoverCradle. Using a single 40 lb. pneumatic spring, this cover lifter makes removal a snap. Requires 24” clearance.


Ideal for tight spaces and recessed spa installations, the Uprite cover lifter also provides an element of privacy by holding your folded cover in a vertical position. Requires 7” clearance.