Set It and Forget It !

Set It and Forget It !

The IQ 2020™ spa control system makes your spa simple to operate, with no programming required. To heat your spa, simply decide what water temperature you like, then set it and forget it. In the event of a power outage, the spa automatically resumes normal operation once power is restored.

Advanced control panel


It is easy to access the spa lock function, a convenient 10-minute clean-up cycle and other features from the main control panel. Dedicated buttons for jets and lighting let you quickly adjust the features you use most.

Ready when you are !

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You will always know when your spa is ready - even from a distance and when the cover is on. The proprietary software works as an advanced diagnostic system. Its easy-to-see, colour-coded lighting shows at a glance when your spa is at set temperature. The logo
light will indicate if it needs maintenance, a filter change or service - something you
will only find in a Hot Spring® spa. It is a real advantage, especially in winter.
Green — The spa is ready to use. Yellow — The spa is safe to use. However, an installed optional feature may need attention. Red — Contact us. Share the information on the control panel, if available, with us to determine what may be needed. 

Your Favourite Settings

Store your favourite light and jet settings then quickly recreate your customised setup with the simple press of a button.

Quick Clean

Perfect for a quick post-soak refresh, or when adding chemicals to the water, our convenient clean cycle circulates spa water for ten minutes.


Highlife Collection spas feature a unique wireless touchscreen spa control that operates spa functions from anywhere, up to 9 metres away. The large waterproof, colour LCD touchscreen serves up intuitive icons and menus that are easy to read by day or night.

Remove the remote control from the spa rim charging station and take it into the spa to adjust the jets, lighting and even music from your favorite place, then place the remote control in the secondary spa rim docking station while you relax.