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The All-New 2023 Highlife Collection

Novelty !

Highlife® Collection spas are known for their legendary massage, leading energy efficiency, easy water care, and cutting-edge design. Now, we've raised the bar to give you even more. More comfortable seating. Enhanced hydrotherapy with more Moto-Massage® DX jets. Timeless design with more sophisticated colors and textures to choose from. It's everything you expect from our flagship collection - and more.

The Highlife® Collection from HotSpring Spas

The pinnacle of design, luxury and engineering !

The Highlife Collection is the culmination of 40 years of innovation from the industry leader, HotSpring Spas. A host of exclusive features gives you the ultimate spa experience with unique hydrotherapy massage, the simplest and most effective water care, plus money-saving energy efficiency.

With nine spa models and six cabinet finishes, you’ll find a spa that fits your space and your style.

Limelight Collection by HotSpring

Step Into the Limelight

The crisp, clean design opens to a spacious interior where each seat is shaped to follow the body’s natural contours for added comfort and support. A variety of massage jets are carefully placed to provide full-body therapy.

And its innovative, multi-point lighting system and full-length corner sconces create a truly special ambiance, whether you are soaking inside the spa or entertaining friends on the patio.

Salt System FreshWater™ by HotSpring®


Available on all Highlife® and Limelight® Collection spas, this easy-to-use salt water system eliminates the worry of keeping spa water clean, clear and sanitized for a full year. With just a little salt in your spa water, the system generates chlorine automatically so you’ll spend less time measuring and adding chemicals.

This unique system makes spa ownership easier than ever by removing the guesswork and hassle of water care maintenance.

POOLCOVER : Automatic spa cover systems.

Automatic spa cover systems by W+F Metallbau AG.

Tailor-made solutions that fit perfectly into your home or garden.

How to Add Chemicals to Your Hot Tub

Wondering where to put your spa chemicals in your Hot Spring Spa? This video shows you where to add spa chemicals to your hot tub for routine water care maintenance. Popular spa chemicals include liquid chlorine, chlorine granules, or bromine.

Download this quick reference how-to tip sheet and keep it with your monthly hot tub maintenance log or owner’s manual.

How to clean your Tri-X filters

The Tri-X filters on your Hot Spring hot tub have twice the cleaning area of other filter cartridges the same size and help your spa water stay cleaner longer. Even the best hot tub filters require regular cleaning. This video shows four ways to clean and maintain your Tri-X Filters as part of a monthly hot tub maintenance routine.