5 adults


Need a spa that fits a narrow patio or yard? The SOVEREIGN is spacious enough for five adults to relax in comfort and features a more rectangular shape to fit in tighter spaces.
It includes all the luxury features of a Highlife® Collection model with a lounge seat featuring our Moto-Massage® DX jet and two confortable corner seats.


Legendary massage

Revolutionary Jet Systems

Each spa includes up to seven unique jet types and at least one Moto-Massage DX jet. But what makes Hot Spring® spas special is our 40-plus years of hydrotherapy expertise. The result is a distinctive jetting experience with the right amount of pressure and massage targeted for different muscle groups.

Legendary massage

Leading Energy Efficiency

Super Energy Efficient

Your spa will be there – hot and ready – when you need it. Our comprehensive EnergySmart™ system, uses a series of innovations to keep spa water at your desired temperature while keeping energy costs to a minimum.

Leading Energy Efficiency

Easy water care

Cleaner Water Made Easy

Clear, clean water is essential for a great spa experience. Every spa in the Highlife Collection includes our best water care technologies and is built ready to use our proprietary FreshWater® Salt System to help ensure your water is at its best.

Easy water care


Seating Capacity : 5 Adults
Dimensions :
6’8” x 7’9” x 33”/ 203 x 236 x 84 cm
Water Capacity : 330 gallons / 1,250 liters
Weight: 600 lbs. / 270 kg dry; 4,230 lbs. / 1,920 kg filled*

Hot Tub Jets (32)

1 - Moto-Massage® DX
2 - SoothingStream®
3 - JetStream®
2 - Rotary Hydromassage
1 - Directional Hydromassage
2 - Rotary Precision®
20 - Directional Precision®
Water Features BellaFontana® with 3 illuminated arcs of water
Lighting System Luminescence® multi-colour four-zone
Control System IQ 2020® with wireless remote control 230V/16A, 50 Hz
Heater Titanium No-Fault®, 230v, 50 Hz, 1500w
Jet Pump 1 Wavemaster® 9200; Two-speed, 2.5 HP Continuous Duty, 5.2 HP Breakdown Torque
Jet Pump 2
Circulation Pump SilentFlo 5000® for quiet, continuous filtration
Water Care Systems (Optional) Freshwater® Ozone System
  Freshwater® Salt System
Effective Filtration Area 100% No-bypass Filtration Exclusive, High-flow Tri-X® Filters 195 sq. ft. Filtration Area
Vinyl Cover 3.5” to 2.5” tapered, 2 lb. density foam core, withhinge sea.
Electrical connection Single-phase 220V/16A or Three-phase 400V/13A
 * Includes water and 6 adults weighing 175 lbs. each