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The most recognised name in aquatic fitness, Endless Pools is the pioneer of swim-in-place technology. Tens of thousands of Endless Pools families worldwide, looking to improve their health and stay active, have trusted Endless Pools for the last 30+ years.

Endless Pools® Fitness Systems combine the revolutionary Endless Pools Swim Current with optional underwater treadmill, rowing, strength-training exercises and relaxing hydrotherapy. Imagine having a beautifully designed, complete home wellness retreat conveniently located steps from your back door. We make it possible because at Endless Pools, fitness is our passion.

Swim Spa or Fitness System?

You may have heard others call this a “swim spa”, but we believe a fitness system is so much more. Why limit yourself to the options of swimming or hot tubbing when aquatic fitness has so many beneficial, lowimpact options? It all begins with swimming against the signature Endless Pools smooth, laminar current. With ease, move from swimming to running, walking to resistance
exercises, or relax in our sculpted spa seats. That is why this is more than a swim spa; it is an aquatic fitness system with swim and low-impact exercise features designed to complement one another, so that your wellness goals are easily achievable. It is also a hydrotherapy retreat to help rejuvenate the body after a workout. Now, that is a fitness system!

You won’t find a better swim. The original Endless Pools® resistance current uses a hydraulically-powered propulsion system engineered to ensure a variable and smooth flow of water.

The Endless Pools underwater treadmill is the only one of its kind. Its hydraulically-powered system makes it easy to enjoy low-impact running or walking at home.

With the resistance bands, Aqua Bike and other optional equipment, you can build strength in a near-weightless environment.
No strain–all gain!

Not all fitness is physical. Feed your emotional well-being by enjoying playtime with your family and friends.

Manufactured in the same facility as leading Watkins Wellness® hot tub brands, our spa experts design the hydromassage features to ensure your post-workout cool-down is as amazing as your workout.


Endless Pools Fitness E2000* (610 x 226 x 147)

You Deserve a Premium Aquatic Experience.

Swim in place against a steady stream of water so smooth you'll think you are swimming in open water.

Run and walk with 360 degrees of resistance and water’s buoyancy protecting your joints and muscles from impact.

In an Endless Pools® Fitness System there is no limit to accomplishing a beneficial full-body workout. Swim, bike, walk, exercise, then relax against soothing hydromassage jets, anytime you want, in the comfort of home.

*illustrated with optional underwater treadmill


Endless Pools SwimCross 2023 X500Endless Pools SwimCross X500 (457 x 226 x 127)

Exercise that fits your life.

Feel water’s resistance for any exercise regimen, any time of day.

Swim and enjoy a jetted swim like no other ‘swim spa.’ Three round Swim Jets (on top) provide resistance, while the River Jet (below) provides lift. All jets use a boost effect to draw in more water, multiplying the volume. Using the two diverter valves, users can adjust the highly variable pace of the current for both swim and waterworkout options.

With SwimCross® Exercise Systems, convenience and versatility are abound so that staying active and maintaining a busy schedule are not mutually exclusive. Never again ask “how will I fit a workout into my day,” with a SwimCross Exercise System just steps from your door.


Endless Pools RecSport 2023 R220Endless Pools RecSport R220 (366 x 226 x 127)

Fitness isn’t always physical.

Time spent with family and friends, or enjoying solitary relaxation are as beneficial to our well-being as physical fitness. RecSport® Recreation Systems are purposely designed so that both recreation and time for fitness are within reach, at an affordable price.