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Overview of what makes your Hotspring spa exeptional and unique.

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Thanks to more than thirty years of experience and partnership with the worldwide leader HotSpring spas, we offer our clients unique high quality services.

In order to guaranty moments of pure relaxation we leave nothing to chance and give a special attention to comfort, hygiene, and durability. René Moser invites you to discover theses products in his exceptional showroom in Saxon.


Special places of well-being and relaxation in the intimacy of a home, spas are made to be shared with family and loved ones as well as by oneself.

Our main partner, HotSpring spas has been successful used all over the world for thirty five years. They have been largely approved for their sustainability, the quality of their pools and the very high degree of technicality.

Acquiring a Hotspring spa assures you a very high class whirlpool and an experience where only well-being and serenity have a place.


In order to increase your satisfaction we provide and supervise the whole process of installation. Years of experience enable's us to advise you in a personalized matter, whether in the choice of the whirlpool's place or ways to enhance it's esthetic aspect, hiding the basin.

Availability and flexibility are fundamental to us in order to adapt to the constraints that you may encounter or to help you achieve your dream. Not only do we provide whirlpools, saunas, and hammams of different brands but we also create custom-made installations. Whether you are a wellness center or an individual who want's to design his own spa we create it according to your specific needs…

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Swim Spa Endless Pools®
Swim Spa Endless Pools®

Perhaps you've heard of counter-current swimming, or the "swim spa"?

FreshWater® Salt system
FreshWater® Salt system

A revolutionary method...

Vifra - 2024
Fairs & Events
Vifra - 2024

From 24 to 29 may 2024

The new Highlife® Collection
The new Highlife® Collection

The Highlife® Collection redefines how a hot tub looks.

How Much Does a Hot Tub Cost ?
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How Much Does a Hot Tub Cost ?

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Hot Tub Maintenance Tips
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Hot Tub Maintenance Tips

How to enjoy ultra clean water...

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The only system that provides peace of mind knowing that your spa is being looked after, even when you are away.



Dealer Monitoring | Alert Messaging | Remote System Access | Convenient Controls | Peace of Mind

With this innovative new service, your Hot Spring dealer can provide an exclusive monitoring option, ideal for spa owners who are on the go or have a spa at a second home.

Should your Hot Spring® spa need attention, the Connextion messaging system can instantly alert you and your dealer so that your spa can be serviced at the earliest opportunity. And the Connextion system provides the added convenience of accessing spa functions remotely – so you can ensure your spa is ready when you want it to be.

connextion tablet

connextion smartphone

Features & Benefits

  • Global remote monitoring of spa’s system from your smart phone or tablet
  • Alert message system
  • Convenient access to spa controls
  • Filter cleanliness status
  • ACE Salt Water System reminders
  • Ability to lock and unlock spa controls remotely
  • Dealer contact information link

Available Spa Controls

  • Set temperature
  • ACE® settings
  • Jet Pumps
  • Clean up cycle
  • Summer timer
  • Temperature lock
  • Spa lock
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